Saturday, October 11, 2014

American Girl Place: Yes, We Are Nine.

The day after our Chinatown dinner, my roommate, her sister and I went to the American Girl Place in Virginia to eat lunch. We had reservations at eleven in the morning, but due to a very long metro ride and getting lost after getting off the metro, we arrived quarter after eleven.

Walking into the American Girl Place reminded me of when I was ten or eleven when my Dad took me to the one in New York for some Daddy-Daughter event there. It was a bit weird, however, being shown to the table and being the oldest ones other than the parents was pretty weird. But it's okay because we were having the times of our lives!!

The table was adorable and we got chairs for our American Girl dolls (left to right: Samantha, Kit and Addy) that hung off the side of the table. They even got little water glasses!

Our meal included an appetizer and entrée for $18. I got tomato bisque with star-shaped croutons, my roommate got Spinach and Artichoke Dip, and her sister got a Tomato and Mozzarella salad. Everything was really good, and the soup was creamy and helped soothe my sore throat. My roommate also got a hot chocolate that makes me wish that I got one!

Look how cute it is!!!

During the break between courses we went through the conversation starters that were provided by the café. Most of them were fine, but this one was a bit odd!

Why would you ask a ten-year-old this?!?
For my entrée I got a grilled chicken sandwich with basil mayo, fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers. My roommate and her sister both got cheese ravioli with diced tomatoes and spinach.

We didn't get dessert but we did take a wander through the store! I had to go find the Samantha section because she has always been my favorite! She got new dresses and they were all gorgeous. Then I found one of the newer dolls named Caroline that I find completely beautiful. (Is it weird to be jealous of a doll?)

After the American Girl Place we wandered around the mall where I got a sample of a face wash and saw the most beautiful MAC collection inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I want it for Christmas (hint hint if my mom or dad are reading!). 

Then as we were leaving there was a guy carving pumpkins that looked amazing. Of course my favorite was the one with Harry Potter!

Before leaving, however, we stopped at Shake Shack for a milkshake. I got the regular chocolate milkshake that hit the spot. 

A delicious end to a great day at the American Girl Place! I don't know what my next post will be about. Any suggestions? 

Until next time!

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