Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Sunset and A Christmas Tree in D.C.

The past week and a half has been busy. Mom and I have been unpacking box after box since all of our stuff got to the new house last Tuesday. Dad and Emma got here on Saturday, and then it was the full sprint to Christmas. Now it is Christmas Eve and we are baking cookies, wrapping last minute gifts, and assembling gingerbread houses. 

But before the movers arrived and before I even got to Boston, my friends and I decided go to downtown D.C., and see the different Christmas decorations. First we went to the Madison building to get library cards for the Library of Congress. It was a super easy and I can’t wait to explore the library.

A statue of James Madison in the Madison Building
Even though the Library was closed, we went outside of the building and took some great photos of the sun setting.

As we walked towards the Christmas tree in front of the Capitol Building, the sun got closer to the horizon and the colors got more vivid and bright. 

The views from the front of the Capitol Building were magnificent with the entire National Mall before us. 

Then the sky got dark enough for the Christmas tree to turn on!

It got a bit chilly after that, so we hurried off to dinner at the Shake Shack in Penn Quarter. I had the special salted caramel hot chocolate, which warmed me up on the cold night. It was a great last night in downtown D.C. before we all headed back home for the holidays. 

Now I am home and surrounded by my family, the perfect recipe for Christmas. Our tree is up, lit, and decorated. There are lights and a wreath in front of the house. And most importantly, a great majority of the boxes are unpacked!

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