Thursday, July 30, 2015

India Day Four: A South Indian Feast!

Hello! I'm sorry for not posting more recently but I got sick (again) and then we flew back to the US. Even though I didn't feel well for part of the trip, I have no regrets and I had an amazing adventure with my Mom. I have skipped day three because that was an office day followed by a plane trip from Delhi to Bangalore. Nothing really exciting happened that day!

On day four, however, we were treated to an amazing dinner at Dakshin at the ITC Windsor. The hotel itself is gorgeous with British charm and it is one of the oldest hotels in Bangalore. 

We walked towards the restaurant, excited to try some South Indian cuisine. Since going to India, I noticed that most Indian restaurants in the states have North Indian style food with curries, Tikka Masala and Naan. We were promised that South Indian cuisine would be very different. As one example, we would eat on a banana leaf with no silverware!

Once seated Mom and I were given jasmine either to wear as a bracelet or to put in our hair. I chose to put the flowers in my hair, which is the traditional way. This was perfect, as I would get an amazing whiff of the flowers throughout the meal.

Our table ordered the set menu, which had four courses. Mom and I chose the non-veg option, while my Mom's co-workers chose the vegetarian menu. The first course was a choice of four chutneys to be eaten with breads or the other courses. 
From the top: tomato, coriander, peanut and coconut
My Mom really liked the freshness of the coriander chutney, while I loved the coconut one (even though I don't normally like coconut). My least favorite was the peanut chutney just because I don't like the taste of peanuts. 

Next were two pancakes (dosas). One was sweet banana and the other was savory with tomatos and scallions. 

The darker one is the banana dosa
Next is where we got into the meats. First we got fried chicken in a red sauce that was really flavorful and quite spicy. We also were served a chicken curry that was good and close to what I would get in an Indian restaurant back home. My mom's co-workers then insisted that we had to try the lentil patty from the vegetarian menu. I had never tried anything with lentils in it and I was surprised to find that I really liked it. 

Lentil patty and chicken
Chicken curry
That was all part of the appetizer course of the meal if you can believe it!! We had a few more courses to go through!

For the main course four small bowls were placed around the edge of the banana leaf. Two of them were non-vegetarian and the other two were vegetarian. We were also given a Parotta to dip in the different sauces. The Parotta it is cooked on a pan and not in an oven like Naan bread (which can be found at most Indian restaurants in the States).

Left to right: veggies in a coconut soup, spring onions in a tomato sauce, a chicken curry and a lamb curry
My favorite (and Mom's) was the lamb because it was spicy and the lamb was perfectly cooked. I even used the Parotta to get all the sauce!

Then an Appam was placed on top of everything. An Appam is an Indian breadmade with a fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It was supposed to be dipped in the veggies and coconut soup bowl. It was like a french crêpe that was a little spongy. 

Then we had a curd rice (or yogurt rice), which was served cold. It was supposed to cleanse our palettes before dessert. I had a few tastes before deciding that the curd rice was not for me (or Mom). The texture was pasty and the flavor was somewhat bland.

Here is a photo of my finished plate. It was impossible to finish all of it! 

For dessert we had a sweetened coconut soup (I found a similar recipe HERE). It was cooling and satisfying after a spicy meal.  My favorite Indian dessert, however, is still Gulab Jamun

This was one of the most amazing meals that I have ever had. It was very different and it was in such a unique and exotic setting. I don't think anything will match up with this meal for a long time! One of my Mom's co-workers gave us a recommendation for a South Indian restaurant in NYC.  I also want to point out that while I have tried to remember the details of the meal, I've probably messed up on some of them. Sorry! The next post will be about our last day in Bangalore.

See you next time,

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