Friday, July 17, 2015

Thoughts Pre-India

Hello everyone! As some of you may know I am leaving for India tonight with my Mom. We have two long flights before reaching our destination in Delhi. I love long flights (and especially since these are in business class, thanks mom!) and I am so excited to go somewhere out of my comfort zone.

In my past travels, I have only been to Western Europe and Canada. I consider my self well-traveled, but I haven't really been anywhere completely different to what I am used to. In England and Northern Ireland, I could speak English because they, obviously, speak English. In France, I could speak French. Even in Spain I could get by because almost everyone there speaks English or French. But in India, I don't know what to expect. Yes I know that a lot of people in India speak English, but the culture (way of dress, customs, food) is so different from anything that I am used to.

While we are there, one of my Mom's contacts will be taking us around to all of the tourist sites. I will be taking lots of photos and I will be writing my observations and thoughts on this blog. So please check back throughout next week to see what we are doing! I am honestly super excited for this trip.

Thanks so much,

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