Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What have I been doing for the past year?

So, as always, I need to apologize for not posting for almost a year. Although I don't really know who I am apologizing to. Maybe myself? I wish that I blogged year round, but it becomes hard with school, APO, internship and personal life (I know . . . I know . . . More excuses). This is a useful of getting my thoughts together and doing something about my goals, dreams and aspirations.

But what have I been doing over the past year you ask? Well . . .

  • I completed my sophomore year of college! I am officially half way through my college career, which is really weird to say. It was a tough year with a lot of ups and downs, but overall not a bad year. I took classes that I loved (Civil Rights in the US) and classes that kicked my ass (Astronomy). I fully expect my junior year to be amazing and filled with adventure! 
  • I had my first internship as an online communications at a non-profit called Planet Forward. I was able to see how a real organization works from the inside, the insane amount of work and passion it takes to run a non-profit and how much you can get from an internship. Now I am interning at Allied Integrated Marketing, a movie marketing firm in DC (a far cry from the environmental non-profit) and I am already seeing the differences (the good and the bad). 
  • This past Spring I was APO's Secretary. This was slightly crazy because when I pledged last year, I never thought that I would on e-board. Nevertheless running for President after my time as Secretary had ended! While I didn't get elected President, I am still taking on leadership roles in the fraternity (alumni and blog chairs).
  • My family is moving back to Florida. I know! I never imagined that we would be going back to FL, especially this soon after moving to MA. While I love MA and Boston will always be one of my favorite cities, nothing beats Florida. After many years of asking myself "where am I from," I think I'll answer with Florida. 
  • I did not meet my 2015 Goodreads goal of reading 30 books, I only got to 27. I think 30 books was tough because I was reading a lot of material for school and I did not prioritize reading. This year I am still going for 30, and I am already at 15 (4 books ahead of schedule!). Although 8 out of the 15 were read for school. The goal for the summer is to read more for me. Right now I am reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, the famous novel being adapted into the film of the same name starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin. So far it's a fast, but good read, and I know I will be sobbing by the end of it.
I think that's going to be it for right now. I think my next post will be about my 2015 resolutions that I never talked about after making them January 2015. Let's see if I completed them! After that, my plans for the summer! I am going to make some goals. 

I am going to leave you with some photos from the past year. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,

Me at Disney - August 2015
Animal Kingdom - August 2015
Clearwater Beach - August 2015 
St Petersburg - August 2015
The Capitol - September 2015 
Mount Vernon - October 2015 
The Met - December 2015 
Open City at the National Cathedral - May 2016
The National Cathedral - May 2016

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