Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Did I ever complete my 2015 resolutions?

As most people do I made resolutions at the beginning of 2015, but I never really checked in on whether or not I completed them. So now, a year and a half later, I am going back and checking myself. 

In case you don't remember my 2015 resolutions (I certainly don't) here they are:

  1. Learn the D.C. bus system (Or at least how to get to Dupont Circle, Georgetown, and Columbia Heights)
  2. Cook more in the dorm
  3. Be more adventurous
  4. Read 30 books
  5. Explore D.C.
  6. Eat better and exercise more
And now to pick apart those goals I made so long ago:
  1. Yes, I have learned the bus system! That is how I get around D.C. these days for the most part. With the subway system being renovated and fires breaking out in the train, I've decided that the easiest (and cheapest) way is to take the buses. Without them, it would be hell to get around D.C.
  2. Kind of. I did cook in the dorms, but it is really hard when you have to lug the food, dishes, utensils, cooking supplies from your room into the kitchen then back again. Now that I am living in my own apartment, I cook all the time. I usually cook enough for two meals at once, so I don't have to buy ingredients every day. Right now I am just making super simple meals (i.e. pasta with sauce and italian sausage, chicken with Indian curry simmer sauce and rice, etc.). I hope, however, to become more confident in my cooking skills and make more complicated recipes. 
  3. Wow 2015 Kara! That is a lofty goal. I did try new foods while in India and I did go to India, so I feel that made me more adventurous. I would be willing to try more foods now that I think I would have a couple of years ago.
  4. As I said in my previous post, I did not make this goal. But I am on track to finish 30 books this year, so here's hoping that I do it!
  5. Yes. I did explore D.C. a lot this past year. With using the bus system, I am able to get more places easier. I explored different neighborhoods, found lots of restaurants, and I feel more comfortable in the city. 
  6. I think I did well on this at some points in the year (like the summer) and then I fell behind when things got busy. Although, oddly enough, I exercised the most at school when it was finals season. I guess it was a stress reliever for me. I hope this summer I get back on the bandwagon of healthy eating and exercising!
Alright guys! I think I did well considering I forgot about these resolutions a few weeks after I wrote them down. Next post will be on my summer plans and goals.

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