Sunday, June 29, 2014

Museum of Fine Arts

Yay! Another art museum! The first art museum of the summer was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I wrote about HERE. I have been the Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA from now on) a few times with my family and a group when I went to Boston University for the Summer Challenge.

The museum has a great Egyptian collection and currently has a quilting exhibit called Quilts and Color. Dad, who is a teacher, wanted to see this because he helps with the quilting project that his class does every year. I did not take any pictures of the quilts because, while beautiful, they aren’t really my thing.

We walked around the quilting exhibit then we headed for lunch at the Garden Cafeteria at the museum. I chose from the salad bar getting iceberg lettuce, chicken, feta cheese, cucumbers and Caesar dressing. And Emma got another barbeque sandwich!

During lunch we discussed what collections we were going to see. Emma picked the mummies and I picked the Impressionists. We ended up seeing Egyptian, Greek and Roman art as they were all in the same area. Emma was a bit freaked out to see all the nude sculptures!

This was a piece that we studied in AP Art History. Weird to see it in person!
From my time in AP Art History I gained an appreciation for most art movements, but Impressionism and Post-Impressionist are in doubt my favorites. Vincent van Gogh would then be my favorite artist (and Vincent and the Doctor definitely did not influence that in any way. Nope, not at all.).

Dance at Bougival by Pierre-Augustus Renoir. A favorite of mine!
Woman with a Parasol and Small Child on a Sunlit Hillside by Renoir. I just adore the movement in this painting. 
Then we somehow found our way to some of the modern art galleries. While I generally do not like modern art, some of these were interesting. 

These are painted shadows! It confused us for a second, "where are theses coming from?"
I especially liked the ones where the photographer took the photos like they were Renaissance portraits where the objects are made out of yarn. Did that make any sense?

See what I mean now? I also liked the huge, cloud-like hanging sculpture made out of Styrofoam cups.

I could spend days wandering through the galleries, doing audio-tours and sitting at the little cafĂ© reading about art. But unfortunately I don’t have that much time. I hope that I can come back soon to go through some of the Medieval galleries.

Thanks for reading!

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