Monday, June 23, 2014

Washington, D.C. Day Five | Museum and Flying Home

For our last day in Washington, D.C. we decided to go to the Museum of American History before heading to the airport for our flight. We took the metro from Dupont Circle to Metro Center on the Red Line, and then Metro Center to Smithsonian on the Orange Line. We got there early (all Smithsonian museums open at 10:00 am) and we weren’t allowed to wait inside, so we tried to find some shade close to the doors.

When we did get in, we went straight to the Star Spangled Banner that Emma really wanted to see. It is beautiful and it is astounding to see something so iconic. Then we saw an exhibit about a house. The Smithsonian took a house from Ipswich, MA and transplanted into the museum. The exhibit told the history of the house from the perspective of five families that lived there from the 1760s to the 1940s. I’ll link to the exhibit HERE. One of the docents was telling us that no one really notices the exhibit because it is tucked away behind construction. But if you are there, you should go because it is very interesting.

The most exciting thing that we saw at the museum was the First Lady dresses. I have seen this exhibit before, but it is always amazing. I love reading about the backgrounds of the dresses and looking at the individual styles of the First Ladies. In the center of the room was Michelle Obama’s red Jason Wu gown from the second inauguration. Usually they have her white one from the first inauguration because, fun fact, the First Lady’s second inauguration dress is traditionally kept in the President’s Library. The Smithsonian has it on lend for about a year and then the white Jason Wu dress will be back. While I like the white gown better, I still think that Michelle Obama can pull off most things.

After we had lunch at the museum cafeteria (I had a chicken Caesar salad wrap) and then walked back to the metro station.

We got back to the hotel and packed our bags in a cab to go to the airport. While I like D.C., I don’t know it yet. I’m excited to explore it this fall!

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